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It's time for a third option.

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Our two-party system is dysfunctional. People are tired of partisan rhetoric, culture wars, double standards, tribalism, power grabs, dishonesty and demagoguery. Many yearn for an approach to government that values common sense, decency, facts, logic, humility and integrity, but feel like they don't belong in any of the current political parties...until the American Moderate Party. 


1) Character matters.  Public servants should exhibit honesty, integrity, empathy and civility. They should be strong enough to make tough decisions, but humble enough to listen to experts, advisors and citizens. They should serve their country, not serve themselves. Corruption, cronyism and conflicts of interest have no place in our bodies of government.


2) Most of the problems we face are complex. Policies should be practical and reasonable. Lawmakers should be guided by evidence and facts, not by trying to score political points with their base. Sometimes solutions have to be adjusted as new information becomes available. Being ideologically rigid can be dangerous and leads to tribalism, partisanship and blinding bias. 

3) The purpose of government is to defend its citizens from foreign and domestic threats, promote fair and efficient commerce, be a good steward of natural resources and the environment, and protect the rights of individuals. Some want "big government" while others want "small government." We think the government should be the size it takes to efficiently and effectively carry out its duties - no more, no less.

4) Free market capitalism has proven to be the best system for creating wealth and efficiently allocating resources. It is not perfect, however, and income inequality is a serious and growing problem. We need to continue to reward hard work, innovation, and calculated risks, but at the same time create a more inclusive economy that eliminates barriers to progress.


5) America should be a good global citizen and work with nations that have shared values to promote human rights, democracy, environmental protection and fair trade. We should stand firm against authoritarian regimes, with diplomacy as our first option. Military force should only be used if all other channels have been exhausted and there is a clear and present danger to our citizens.

6) Social safety nets are sometimes necessary. People can experience hardships through no fault of their own, due to illness, disability, death in the family, job obsolescence, etc. Social programs should have the aim of helping individuals and families become self-sufficient while avoiding the creation of generational poverty.

American Moderate Party


Hear what inspired our founder, Steve Mercer, to start the American Moderate Party.

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